A) Edit & translate technical articles/ tailored training classes

Writing papers for graduated students is a necessity, although courses which provide them with this skill are not usually passed. As a result, most of these students need help preparing their papers in English language. Regarding this, the English committee has the purpose of helping students with translation and proofreading of their papers.
The ITC aims to help students, especially MSc and PhD students, to translate and proofread their papers and articles in a more professional and interactive environment, with more reasonable rates. To achieve this goal establishment of this committee will focus on our school’s need base on our HoS suggestion.
ITC aims to offer the following services:

  • Translation of technical papers to English and follow up revisions as required,
  • Proofreading English paper,
  • Arrangements for face-to-face revision sessions.

B) Support of international conferences and technical events

Beside the translation and proofreading services, our officers tend to support school’s international activities namely:

  • By promoting international events of our school on the appropriate Internet directories such as,,, etc.
  • By proofreading the English call for papers, website contents, flyers, etc.
  • By acting as translators for our invited foreigner speakers during our international events.
  • By preparation of professional emails to technical event publicity.

C) Support and translation of short articles for school’s publicity and newsletters

ITC will have the capacity to be involved in other technical related event in our school to support our International image by covering the followings:

  • To promote school’s faculties on Wikipedia or other encyclopedias and devote special English pages for each of them
  • To promote the school’s LinkedIn page and twitter account to publicise the events.
  • To develop and revise the English version of our school’s website
  • To develop the Visual Identity Standards (VIS) for the University in English