About ITC

Our proposed International Technical Committee (ITC) aims to assist with our school’s international outlook. ITC aims to support the school’s need in three main categories; namely by a) editing & translating technical articles for postgrad students, running tailored training workshops for both officers as well as postgrad students, b) providing ssupport for our school’s international conferences and technical events and finally c) providing support by translating short articles for school’s publicity on the website and newsletters. These services will be offered by our selected, skillful students after participating in a tailored training workshop run by the committee chair.
The committee aims to improve:

  1. Research ranking of school by assisting the quality of the submitted research papers
  2. Increase the level of professional English communication in the school by providing necessary training
  3. Improve the International outlook of the school
  4. Help with the employability of school’s students
  5. Provide reduced cost proofreading service to research teams.